VirtNext vs. Mikes AutoTrader Review – Can Virtnext COMPETE with Mikes Auto-Trader? – 10/10 ITMs!!!

- 2016-09-17



The Virtnext Trading software has provided great results so far. But Mikes Auto Trader continues to offer the best features that cant be found in any other trading software. Does this mean Virtnext is a Scam? Is Mikes Auto Trader a credible opportunity as they say? Watch our video on the Virtnext Review and Mikes Auto Trader Review to see why Mikes Auto Trader and Private Facebook Signals Group continue to prosper after a Year since its release, while most trading system are forgotten. Even after a year, Mikes Auto Trader continues to perform with great results in higher profits. The Virtnext Trading software is doing well for many traders, but simply doesn’t offer the quality found in Mikes AutoTrader. VirtNext will try, but will never be as powerful as the Combination of Both Mikes Auto Trading System & being a member of Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group on FaceBook.

Great for Beginners & Experienced Traders! – Join Mikes Auto Trader and become a member of Mikes Facebook Signals Group for Free and take the advantage of following trading signals posted by real professionals! – Mikes Auto Trader & FaceBookGroup


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  • thanks

    Finn Gunn - 20 months ago

  • Hi Is Mike's auto trader still doing well. And what would you say that ITM rate is right now?

    D Chang - 21 months ago

  • I am also a member of your Mikes auto trader and I have a question pertaining to adding money to the account but I don't know anything about bloombex options that was the broker that was given to me when I registered to mIKES auto it a good broker to use in the United States and if not what other broker can I use with Mikes Auto Trader that has a lower deposit and is it hard to withdraw your money

    Dion Daniels - 21 months ago

  • Hi Sir,i was using trendtrader software,but yesterday when i loged into my Account,there was opened above 30 trades positions at once and all were in lost state ,my broker was safeoption,i am in doubt that my broker did some thing wrong with me,because every time they were calling me and they try to force me for more deposit,but i said that my software is working fine i no need for more deposit,she said me that the time will tell u,you will lose all your money at last ,because i have experience with robot they are not working ,now i joined mike,s Auto but they suggested me option.Fm,now i am afraid about this broker,so plz tell that this broker is good or not?,thanks

    MALALA__ __AFGHAN - 22 months ago

  • Thanks for this straight up sharing.Keep it up dear.

    Felix Green - 23 months ago

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