VirtNext Scam Review – REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS – What You NEED To KNOW!!

- 2016-09-17



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  • do you still use them

    anthony galentine - 20 months ago

  • Good review

    Lucas Alcock - 23 months ago

  • hi

    Finn Gunn - 23 months ago

  • Hi Paul, I love your reviews. I always look for your video's . I'm new and am going to be learning from Mikes signals FB group. Jacob Jones has offered to tutor me in Mikes signal FB group, so I'm very excited......

    However, in the meantime while learning to trade myself I am thinking about either trying to make a little money with either Virtnext or Trendtrader autotraders.......I have a few questions 1. Are you still hearing good things about Virtnext? 2. Which do you like best at this point in time between those two? I'm in Ohio USA. Eastern time, Are you in The US? If so, what are the best times to run these auto traders? 3.I love the tip of using a demo account, I am getting ready to do that, but would I be able to use that demo account with Virtnext auto feature? OR would I have to put it on semi manual? Thanks for your help, keep up the GREAT WORK!! Vicky

    Vicky C - 25 months ago

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