VirtNext scam review, Live Deposit Test – Is it a Scam ?

- 2016-09-17



Hello everyone  and today we shall be looking into the new software, and a potential, good software for November as we have seen many scams this month. The software is called VirtNext. A new autotrader with some manual input. Which is what we like to see. It seems to have some common ground with the previous successful tools in the industry and this is what we like to see. No BS and no stupid video testimonials promising to make you Millions in a month or even year.

The sales video is very boring and stupid though and this is where it is a let down. it has the typical sales video with the main man promising you a life changing amount of money. And he is wearing a Wig!!! Yes you can tell and it is also noticeable, that he is clearly bold.

Vincent Bollore is the CEO behind VirtNext, he is a real person that you can verify. Scams often use Google images, instead of real evidence, the creators love to hide behind fake identities.

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