VirtNext Review and update on live trading

- 2016-09-17



After one week of intensive trading with VirtNext, and reviews from traders using the app, we can confirm our original verdict that VirtNext is the best performing auto trader in the market. Transparency is a key factor in determining whether an App like VirtNext is authentic or whether it is scam. Few people realise that more than 80% of what is available on the binary options market is illegal and scam. Out of every ten reviews we write, at least eight of them are identified as scam signal services.

So when VirtNext was first introduced on the market for testing by beta traders about a week ago, and it had all the classical indicators of being a real auto trader which would convert into results, it was a refreshing change to be able to recommend VirtNext as the next best bot to use as a tool with trading.

VirtNext will now be available for the public officially from the 16th November and we are pleased to recommend VirtNext after having tested it for a week ourselves. Is it really possible to make $18,000 per week? Read our updated review to find out more about our testing results.

VirtNext operates by a very sophisticated and fast computer program which automatically invests money on world stock exchanges. A trader may select his setting, depending on his trading appetite from high risk, to medium and low risk. Since we recommend exercising caution when trading we selected low risk setting. Traders may opt into this free app by depositing as little as $20 in order to trade. Some brokers allow trades as low as $1 per trade. The selection of Brokers is on a rotation, and therefore a trader can check out reviews about the brokers and select those with a low minimum deposit and low stake per trade.

The fact that VirtNext is really free, makes it more credible. The reason for the App being free, is that the developers of the App, namely Vincent Bollore, whose identity may be verified as one of the top 1500 world billionaires, plan to float VirtNext publicly on the stock market.

Our trading results in a week have been 75.28% in the money. We have taken very small trades and our original investment of $250 is now sitting with a balance of $1570. Out of the 16 trading sessions which we took, we got a total of 80 signals of which 60 were successful.

How to sign up for VirtNext

1. Clear your cookies and log into the VirtNext video. Sign up by entering name and email address. It is ideal to use an email address which you have not previously used with any other trading app or broker, particularly if you have experienced previous losses. This will ensure that you are not inundated with unwanted scam mails.

2. Once you are in the members area of VirtNext give your correct identity and email address. The software will automatically allocate a broker for you. Review your broker before making your decision. If not happy with the allocated broker you may start the process all over until you get a broker that you are happy to work with. Most brokers require a minimum trading deposit of $250 but some others can take deposits as low as $20-100

3. Fund your account and Sign into VirtNext, turn in the auto trading and select your risk level and the value per trade. Low risk takes one trade, medium takes 3 trades and high risk takes 5 trades.
Profits with VirtNext have been proven to escalate up to $2500 but of course this is depending on your capital investment and risk appetite.

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