Results for April on forex fap turbo 2.3

- 2016-09-16



These are my results for the Month of April on a live account for the expert adviser Fap Turbo 2.3 Flash.


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  • Look at my results and you will be surprised!!!

    FOREXMYPROSPERITY - 9 months ago

  • excellent

    Best Forex Robots in the World - 21 months ago

  • my results in one week of trading, with 100 euro of Deposit

    tabac vagabontu - 22 months ago

  • The best strategy is to try not to look at the account everyday. Maybe check it once at the end of the week. This keeps your emotions out of the trades and keeps you from going manual and losing big time. I experimented with stop losses and no stop losses and almost wiped out my Tallinex account in about 2 hours. Lost 500 in about 15 minutes with no stop loss and trading at 1 lot size. So NOTE to everyone... DO NOT do large lot sizes and do not trade with out a stop loss if you trade manually. Try to stay on the robot it does trade better than a human can. Speaking from first hand experience here.

    Casey Kepley - 23 months ago

  • A friend of mine he is also an expert trader. He suggested me GINO SHEARER DAILY SYSTEM.

    Pearson Porknowle - 23 months ago

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