Neo2 Update – £12k Profit In 3 Weeks

- 2016-09-18



Neo2 Long Term Update

3 Weeks in and I am now running at about £12K profit.

I have taken the time to put together a list of tips for trading with Neo2, in my video you will see my preferred trading times and the best settings to get the most out of Neo2.

So far so good, I am pleased with the performance of the signals especially. They are ITM for the majority of the time, although choosing the right time to strike is vital to ensure real success.


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  • Hello, Garry,

    I subscribed to your channel some weeks ago and I would like to say I love what you're doing so far, and thank you for your transparency and thank you so much for busting all the scamming programs. This video and the previous have motivated me to start trading, however I have zero experience in trading. I would like to follow the exact steps you took in trading with this very platform.


    P.s. Your channel is now one of favourite.

    darkeuphoria01 - 11 months ago

  • I did start neo2 but nothing happening can you help me with that?

    Rytis M - 15 months ago

  • hello gary how much you started initail?? thank you.

    Rathanon Saenkham - 16 months ago

  • Do you have an email? I have a few questions please. Thanks

    Val - 16 months ago

  • Hello,

    I have put $400 into the software and I have $90 left after leaving the robot to work at 100% with 3 trades a day. I would ask if I am doing anything wrong. It seems like I am???? Not happy.

    Darren Lowe - 17 months ago

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