NEO2 trading APP See our Live Trades Day 1 – 83.3% Wins!

- 2016-09-18



Watch a lIve trading session with the NEO2 (NEO Squared) auto trading software. This cutting edge APP shows consistent profits. This is no binary options scam and we have the results to prove it. More daily results will be posted. Stay tuned!

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  • Need help idk how I can do this wrong but I need to make this money back

    trey jay - 15 months ago

  • WARNING!!! Been using Neo2 for one week. This software has only made 10 trade in 5 days. 4 wins and 6 losses 40% ITM. My balance is now $188.00. In for the long hall. I am just a real guy trying to make money for my family like you and this is not working. I have it set conservative 95% and risk at 3. Any questions???

    Mike Gagne - 16 months ago

  • I think this Neo2 software is overrated . I have used better strategies like that of Mr DV , guys I make 17k weekly trading with his strategy , I don't know why this neo2 is such a big deal to some people . contact Mr Dv and try his strategy maybe you will understand what I mean vladislav

    Abdul Fayad - 17 months ago

  • just sign up with neo2. i got uk option . how can i changed to other broker like chery trade?

    z z - 18 months ago

  • These results are pretty awesome, we're getting similar results ourselves! Traders are also reporting decent results too. is a good place to find out best practises for NEO2. We'll probably use this video on our site as we're looking for the best results! Cheers Binary Signals Cafe!

    NEO2 Software Review - 18 months ago

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