Neo2 Software Manually Trading!!

- 2016-09-18



Today I decided to test the Neo2 manual signals during high impact news event. My aim was to see how the software reacts and reads the signals during major news events. The recommended time to trade manually is during quieter times, when the software is able to accurately read the market and provide signals. However even though I have decided to trade at a time that is not recommended I am happy with the results. The results I got was 3 win and 3 lose with is basically 50%, but this goes to show, that even during high volatility when it is not advised to trade, the software still has a good feel for what is happening and which way the market is going to go in. I have also traded manually on a couple of other days and have found the results to be mostly 5 out of 6 trades won, which is a great result over all. Therefore I advise anyone who wants to up their profits to give manual trading a go, you will find it very rewarding.

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