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- 2016-09-20



Please read our update regarding the Copy Buffett software! Our original review debunked a few of the websites offers and claims. Even though our investigation led us to conclude Copy Buffett was most likely another scam software, this auto trader has gone viral. This made our reviewers take a closer look at the success stories found all over the internet. Several trusted watch dog sites show consistent profit with this software. What was our problem? This amazing auto trader appears to have proven results since it’s launch several weeks ago. One of agents has been working tirelessly with this software. Today, the Binary Options Agency is sharing a winning trading strategy that is sure to increase your winning percentages with Copy Buffett.

To be honest, we still are not thrilled with the auto trading feature. We continue to work with the APP, but our results do not match anything we see with so many other reviews. The Copy Buffett automation is straight forward and simple to activate with one click. Copy Buffett not only offers an auto trading platform, it generates a large number of trading opportunities. Traders are able to draw a quick conclusion about Copy Buffett’s success as it is capable of generating up to 500 Automated Trades in a 24 hours period. Our conclusion on the discrepancy with the auto trader is the large volume of trades offer different positions depending on when you are logged in.

Regardless, the are two important features on the Copy Buffett dashboard. Firstly, is the manual vs. auto trading switch, which allows you to decide when to utilize either method. Second, is the risk management button, where you determine signals based upon the algorithm’s calculated ITM likelihood.

The Winning Strategy explained:

Steps: 5:26
Trade 1: 2:27
Trade 2: 7:38
Trade 3: 10:43

Copy Buffett has a viral track record with it’s auto trading component. We have been beta testing some strategies with the manual side of things, and we are revealing an incredible plan to help investors boost profits. A step by step guide for higher Copy Buffett profits follows below:

Turn on the manual trading option. While the Copy Buffett auto-trader is more than effective, manual operation is necessary to implement our strategy.

Each signal generated by Copy Buffett is ten minute increments, but be patient. Each broker’s platform allows for a variety of expiry times, so don’t be quick on the trigger.

We encourage everyone to sign up with Copy Buffett and focus on the manual option. Even if you are a novice, this trading strategy only requires investors to follow the steps above.

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  • so that means, the autotrading feature shouldn't be used at all? Trading manually but with the forecast given is the way to go?

    Herman Shane - 12 months ago

  • i got copy buffet software i will try it out soon coz i believe thats the best trading strategy thanks for the lesson will update soon

    marley kymani - 12 months ago

  • The trades you show in this vídeo were done with Copy Buffet or with other software?

    Norman Prekop - 12 months ago

  • hey just wondering does this particular strategy work on short-term trades also?

    John A - 13 months ago

  • hello agent dave how did you get cherrytrade as your broker? thanks

    edmedm123 - 13 months ago

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