Forex Signal – Forex Trendy Walk Through

- 2016-09-15



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  • How can you read the chart when it's showing London time? Thanks.

    Larry Osh - 18 months ago

  • What, if the program shows you the trend , then you are already to late to take advantage of it. I need to see when the trend will starts, not after it is completed as you are showing us here. I would not buy this program, even though you see this trend you have already missed it.....

    DELIVERANCE - 21 months ago

  • I just heard about this about a week ago. Sounds very interesting. Are you still using this service and how is it working for you??? Thank you.

    laserbeam 002 - 24 months ago

  • hi, Can i ask you is this software still works? Very interested in it. And you explanation just perfect.

    Nik Fahmi - 25 months ago

  • It is great tool.

    Forex Mentors - 25 months ago

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