Fap turbo and expert advisors – do they work?

- 2016-09-16



Here are my updates and opinion or the review of expert advisors like Fap Turbo Flash 2.3, Fap Turbo 2.0 and others like it.

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  • the first version seemed to work better for me as well rather than the flash update. the flash update is where it started losing big time for me. couldnt say if its luck to be honest....

    Casey Kepley - 16 months ago

  • So they don't work. So it never worked for you? The first version of Fap turbo made money for me. Was that luck?
    Also I heard in wall street, some of the big boys also use robots, but they cost a lot of money to create their robots.. so not all trades are done manually on the stock market.

    interests10 - 16 months ago

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