EA Builder – Create indicators and strategies for MetaTrader 4 – 5 and TradeStation

- 2016-09-16



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Autotrading Made Easy : Create Indicators and Strategies without Programming

Turn your manual trading conditions into arrows and alerts! Create indicators for MetaTrader 4 & 5 or technical analysis tools for TradeStation. Now you can easily turn any manual trading system into an Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 & 5 or into a strategy for TradeStation. Depending on the size of your account and your financial goals, you may be interested in developing indicators and strategies for Forex, stocks, commodities, ETFs, indices … all with no limitations!
The best thing about EA Builder is that the work is pretty much done in a few clicks. Turn your trading idea into an automated system within minutes, without hiring a programmer and without knowing anything about programming. Even professional programmers appreciate the benefits of creating indicators and strategies with a few short clicks.

You can create strategies to trade any financial instrument available on any of the three most popular trading platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and TradeStation. Start creating your first strategies or indicators within minutes! No manuals to study. Nothing to install, because it’s a web-based application. Creation is pretty straightforward, and every feature has a popup-tip that guides you with a short explanation, so you never get lost!

Besides all the standard indicators and amazing built-in functions such as trendlines, support, resistance and time of day, you can add custom indicators or custom functions, so there are really no limitations on what you can do with EA Builder! Audible alerts, email alerts, print to output window, and so on, are convenient ways to get notified that trades have been executed or new indicator arrows have shown up.

The generated code is human readable, well-commented and neatly formatted. It uses no objects, classes or advanced functions, and it is contained in a single file. You don’t need to understand the code, just download it. However, for non-professionals interested in diving into the source and learning something about it, this is a great tool.
There are 14 video tutorials ranging from 2 to 7 minutes in length, designed to help you discover the full potential of the EA Builder. Creation is demonstrated in both MetaTrader 4 and TradeStation. You will get step-by-step guidance on how to design, backtest and optimize a winning strategy. Check out the first video below to see just how easy it is for you to create indicators that will notify you about the latest trading opportunities.

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