Copy of Copy Buffett Software results 90 minutes trading session !!

- 2016-09-20



The Copy Buffett software is doing amazingly well for me and I’m very excited to post this live trading results update. That with just a 250 deposit to a broker as well.

As a matter of fact, I was running the Copy Buffett software while I was at a coffee shop, and since it was so noisy inside, I had to do this recording inside my car! I wanted to share what the software looks like and how it performs as quickly as I could, so please forgive the odd recording location. Still, it’s pretty cool to be making money while you’re at a coffee shop!

The Copy Buffett software is going completely viral, and I can see exactly why! For the full review, please check out our website, and in the meantime, trade easy! 🙂

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  • How much money to start out with?

    Jeremy B - 14 months ago

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