Copy Buffett Live Update Review – Software Restulst / Perfect Session!

- 2016-09-20



This session using the Copy Buffett software was very interesting after changing my normal routine from trading during the day, to trading late at night during UK markets. Normally i trade while the NY markets are opened when using Copy Buffett app and other similar autotraders. But these results have proven resourceful and will continue using copy buffett trading software during these hours within the next week and see what happens. I hope today’s update was insightful enough and i wish you luck on your own Copy Buffett journey!


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  • hi paul..if i deposit 250..what stength above. i am ugoing to use in auto trading 75%..Is this software still working?

    Abdul Razzaq - 12 months ago

  • Hi Paul!
    I'm just commenting here since I'm looking forward to an updated review with the Risk slider for Copy Buffett. Hoping to be in the loop soon.
    Great tips and tutorials specially for people new to this like me.

    darakreis - 12 months ago

  • Hi Bro. .if I am 24option member, I can use the copy buffett on my 24option trading? I haven't really try the software yet because I saw it need us to register with their broker.

    Melvin Yap - 13 months ago

  • Hi Paul, is Titan Trade or Binary Online recommended brokers?

    Nelson Andres Correa Velandia - 14 months ago

  • Brother can we make good money by keeping it on auto trade mode like in a week can i make 500dollars??

    Irfan Khan94 - 14 months ago

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