CodeFibo System Review – LIVE Trades & EASY Set Up Totorial!

- 2016-09-20



Today’s codefibo system update revolve around to important topics which i cover in this short review. Its important to understand that codefibo app is a great software to use for autotrading with binary options, but its more important to actually understand its features and how to operated the trading mechanizes. After all, improper use of any trusted service can be damaging if not used properly. From this mornings results, we see how well the codefibo software yet again executed successful winning trades while limiting our losses down to only one losing trade. Now lets examine its settings in 3 east steps:

TRADE VOLUME – determines the value of each individual trade you invest. Ranging $25 – $500. When starting off, start at the minimum and let your account gradually grow.
STRENGTH – tells the codefibo auto-trader what types of signals to focus on. Keeping it at 80% allows the software to target certain trades with an 80% strength level or higher. Keep in mind raising the % too high will limit it options.
RISK – In plain terms, dictate how many trades the auto feature will place. It will NOT exceed that amount (Complete Control)

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  • I have tried to signup for code fibo and get a notice not available in your area. Is code fibo available in the U.S.?Is the min to invest 250 and can you help me to get an app for myself?

    Michael Christison - 8 months ago

  • Thank you my friend. Please keep up the good work!

    Binary Options Software Review - 9 months ago

  • I use binary mate so i plan to make an account with this software and use it manually, will that work? And do i need to make a deposit if im going to do it manually??

    jousey junior - 9 months ago

  • hi
    I have created my account and done my deposit but on settings there is no option to select auto trade, trade volume and risk.
    what do I need to do to get those?

    Andrey Carvalho - 11 months ago

  • Hi Paul , I activated the software 2 days before with a settings range of 25$, strength 85% and risk at 6. However I noticed that it took only one trade each on the entire 2 days of trade, meaning one trade each day

    Any suggestions that you could recommend?

    Legi George - 13 months ago

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