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- 2016-09-20




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The CodeFibo auto trader is a great opportunity to earn additional money! This trading app is a refreshing change of pace from the countless scams out there. Read this critical review to learn why this binary options auto trader is worth your investment. website has a real presentation packed with information. Viewers meet and hear directly from Professor Matthew Lewis, founder of CodeFibo. Mr. Lewis not only explains his trading algorithm, but we learn where he turned for help to develop it. As an added bonus, we hear from a few of his actual college students who believed in the professors work. As a result, they are in a better financial position today. CodeFibo has the makings of an excellent software.

The general idea behind Fibonacci Strategy is detecting patterns. It is much more complicated than that, but many may have heard of the Fibonacci sequence? Fibonacci Strategy is based upon the same person’s mathematical pattern found in his sequence. The Fibonacci trading strategy is both well known and successful in the financial world. Definitely click here to watch the CodeFibo explanation on how their algorithm works.

This is why we are excited about CodeFibo. For once, there is no fake company to expose. The CodeFibo background involves a university professor, not some bogus corporation. He is a real person who has spent much of his career teaching financial courses to his students. As with most professors, his job is heavily research based. Unlike the shameful scams, Professor Louise enlisted the help of a real company. is responsible for converting CodeFibo from an idea to a leading software app.

Prior to developing CodeFibo, Matthew Lewis had a great reputation amongst his students. He has dedicated most of his academic career to helping lower income students. He has touched the lives of many from around the world. Several students have reached their financial goals. The research and development of CodeFibo has been extensive. Matthew Lewis has put a lot of his time, effort in money into developing a highly accurate trading app.

Incredibly straightforward! Thank you Carl Leary, lead programmer of CodeFibo. Mr. Leary discusses his goals at Folks learn that Mr. Leary used lots of animation in developing the app. It was a tough task but not impossible to make CodeFibo simple. The end result is fantastic! In four simple steps investors will be on their way to success. Leary describes his finished product as similar to an app used on your smartphone. Cool!

The software features are not necessarily unique, but it is effective and simple. There is manual method along with the auto trading technique. We love that Professor Louise incoporates CodeFibo in to his classes. It is mentioned that he is teaching manual techniques to his students. We are hoping the Professor may follow up by offering his subscribers these methods as well.

Please know this picture is just for demonstration. It is not any type of recommendation. The Trade Volume starts as low as $25. This is the amount you are willing to invest per trade. Start at $25. $100 is too high if you deposited the broker minimum, which typically is $250.

Strength above is also movable. Our suggestion is to set this level to at least 85%. The remaining feature to determine is risk. This allows you to control the number of trades CodeFibo takes in any session. The maximum is ten, but you can have the auto trader take an additional number once completed. Just because ten is selected does not mean that number will be placed. Market conditions dictate the number selected. The risk level only protects you for an overload of trading when conditions are ripe.

CodeFibo offers approximately 80 signals each week. Markets are open five days per week, so the number depends on a few key factors. You may see fifteen trades taken each day, but this number varies. Each day brings new market conditions so it is not going to be exact. Your risk level also plays a role.

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