Codefibo Software App – Easy Auto Trading – BIG Results!

- 2016-09-20



Today’s Codefibo software update is merely a review of this mornings earlier results from the automated feature. Today’s markets were extremely calm and aggreable for capitalizing some profits before the end of the week and closing of global markets. I initially wanted to test out a new manual trading strategy by following the signals provided by the codefibo app, however i didn’t really find many opportunities to full test it out.
Luckily codefibo is BOTH an autotrader AND manual signal provider which proved accurate yet again. A quick glimpse into the economic calendars showed very little high impact news which was great, along with 3 major countries on holiday. Therefore markets were steady and profits were BIG!

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  • when did you start the software and how much did you start with?

    Durke mc donald - 14 months ago

  • Okay, Thanks so Much.

    DanPagesTv - 14 months ago

  • Hi, I have been looking at your results videos and Im wondering if My sister signs up for the codefibo broker and verifies with her documents, And I deposit with my own Debit card with a my name on it, will i be able to deposit and withdraw? Even if the same name on the codefibo and broker account? Thanks in advance hope to hear from you soon!

    DanPagesTv - 14 months ago

  • Please help me, CODEFIBO is not taking trades for me. Please help me. Its been a week now with 0 trades

    Obed Onyemakonor - 14 months ago

  • Hey Paul can I ask a question?

    Jordan van rees - 14 months ago

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