CodeFibo 1st Auto-Trading Session | $250 to $398 in 1 hour & 45 min!!

- 2016-09-20



Hey Everyone, Bron Here…

So in today’s video, I recorded my first trading session using the CodeFibo software. In this session I only used the Auto-trade function of the app, and kept my trade amount to the minimum $25.

CodeFibo did quite well, and i ended my trading session with a balance of $398 after having started with $250. Not bad at all for an hour & 45 minutes. However, this is still only the first time using the app and consistency is always key in trading!

We will be doing more trading with CodeFibo in both auto-trade and manual signals to see how the software performs over time. So remember to stay tuned for those!!

Till Next Time… Happy Trading!

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  • How long does it take to get the software once you fund a broker account?

    Cassandra Goode - 13 months ago

  • win ratio is how much? I had no experience in the business and I can make a profit with codefibo?

    SAVIO NGUYỄN - 14 months ago

  • That was one very genuine review thanks for the upload

    Md Abdul - 14 months ago

  • hello
    please the auto trade software is not placing trades for me, please what is the problem with it?

    Ohalehi Echezonachukwu - 14 months ago

  • What times do you trade for best results?

    Logan112 - 14 months ago

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