Code Fibo Trading Results – 9/10 WINNING trades – $360 Profit in ONE hour

- 2016-09-20



FLive Trading using Code Fibo yielded us 9/10 winning trades in one hour. $359.50 profit in one hour! Setup was as follows:

– $50 investment per trade
– 85% signal strength
– 8 Risk level
– Auto trading on for one hour

CodeFibo software placed 3 trades at a time (risk level 3) based on the number of signals it identified that were 85% or more. In one hour, 9 out of 10 trades won. The losing trade was a close call. Based on the post analysis of the loss, it was a narrow miss and the trend was anticipated to be a PUT signal. Probably with a longer expiration time, that would have been a win too.


– $359.50 profit in ONE hour
– Total trades 10 (placed 3 at a time)
– Trades were anywhere from 15 – 40 mins expiration time

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