Binabot V2 Review – Software Updates – AWESOME RESULTS!

- 2016-09-20



This binabot review marks the ending of the first week using this trading software and during these days, there have been a lot of questions, updates, upgrades and changes in appearances as well. Binabot V2 was formally known as Binadroid 2, but has gone through new tweaks throughout its integrated system. As of now its still currently under its testing phase, but so far the binabot v2 software is proving itself to be extremely reliable and effecting in terms of its automated features.
There are some significant changes in it approach of executing trades too. For instance ive noticed the binabot app is also focusing on indices rather than just focusing on currency pairs like most systems do. Widening its range in targeting on other assets like commodities, indices and currencies allow binabot v2 software a much better chance of success and more options to choose from.

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  • since last wednesday I am trying to make the Autotrader trade for me.

    But it does'nt do anything at all !

    What to do ? Jochem Wirtz

    Jochem Wirtz - 14 months ago

  • wen you diposit for the firs time the $250 what did you use low risk or the other ones?

    Eliz Franco - 15 months ago

  • Hey Paul, I've seen someone else somewhere saying they were having this problem but.. is there any curtain reason that my account hasn't taken any trades?

    Justin Kirby - 15 months ago

  • Hey ! I'm new to these online trading things. Where should I start, like what software is more easy for starters ? And what amount should I start with ?

    Mathieu Soucy - 15 months ago

  • which is better between copy buffet and binabot v2

    Sherryann Alexander - 15 months ago

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