Binabot V2 autotrading results & review.

- 2016-09-20



Sorry if you find the video a bit low key it’s too late and I am too tired. Please comment below if you had or still have some auto trading problems and please subscribe for more reviews over the auto-trading functions of this software.

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  • If you live in the USA your broker must be Nadex and the system will only be a manual set up. USA traders will not be able to use the Auto Trader cause all other broker are BS.

    Violet Wilder - 12 months ago

  • Hi bro. Is ur auto trader working ? I tried to register again. And is working fine for me. I keep registering till i got a broker which i never used b4. And i got 3/3 itm in 3-4 hours. I believe the chart on the right affects. Its default is on gold. Change it to currency pair. And leave it on and see if it works. This is what i faced. I never used incognito or change browsers. I use chrome.

    Muhammad Arsyad - 14 months ago

  • I have tried many auto trader software. This one Binabot V2 does not run. Not at all. All the trading history, you only can see WON records. No lost record. Worse of all.

    draven king - 14 months ago

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    Kimberly george - 14 months ago

  • Hey man. you have an email I can reach you at?

    Gordon Thane - 14 months ago

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