Binabot Software Review – NEW Trading Strategy – EASY SetUp – FANTASTIC RESULTS!

- 2016-09-20



This morning i decided to test out a new trading strategy while following the signals provided by the binabot software. Truth be told there are various method of manual trading traders can peruse in terms of their preference. In this strategy, we’re using 2 moving averages for additional confirmation on a correct signal for a better chance of entering a profitable trade.

Today’s session produced great results while following this simple method, where i also show how simple it is to set these averages up. Its understandable these graphs can be confusing for newcomers but You can use or Whichever you choose, follow the same instructions and you’ll see how easy it is to set everything up in preparation for following the Binabot App signal alerts.

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  • Thank you Paul. Very informative.

    Luigi Lamorte - 15 months ago

  • Great Video! Thanks!!!

    Debbie Richardson - 15 months ago

  • Hi Paul Please tell me how long a time frame do you take for a trade on this set up,I see most of yours was like up to 15 mins

    Steven Northey - 15 months ago

  • Hello! I love this but i am a bigenner and when you speak is going to fast for me. can you explain more and do more for beginners like me

    Lennart Olsson - 15 months ago

  • Hi Sir, impressive and wonderful and thank u for sharing with us

    AJmaidin Maidin - 15 months ago

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