Binabot Scam Review – 2 Week Update / Results! Binabot V2 Kicks A$$

- 2016-09-20



Today’s Binabot Review marks two weeks in using this auto trading software where i summarize overall results but also discuss important and helpful highlights we’ve discussed on the the course of the past couple weeks. As you’re aware, the binabot software is considered an auto-trader program but also provided traders a versatile platform by providing manual signals. Therefore in our previous videos, we’ve gone over a few manual trading strategies, but most importantly how to trade safely while allowing binabot to automatically trade on your behalf.

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  • i have my own broker... can i use my existing broker

    z z - 15 months ago

  • how i could the broker..? what is win ratio ?

    z z - 15 months ago

  • so which one is the best auto trader do you suggest?

    Jay Jay - 15 months ago

  • another spot on video thanks bro

    TwoCan VanDamme - 15 months ago

  • Hi Paul can you do review for thanks

    syed mohammad Ali - 15 months ago

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