Binabot Review & Results – PERFECT Manual Trading Session – 100% ITM

- 2016-09-20



Today’s trading session (Friday August 12) was my second attempt in following the manual signals provided by the Binabot software. Its true that there are several methods and strategies for manual trading, along with the use of charting solutions, moving averages, and various other methods. Its understandable for newcomers these set-ups can be a bit overwhelming and confusing, especially for those without experience. Today’s strategy for following the signals from Binabot V2 app are basic skills applied for many strategies, but easy enough for beginners to follow themselves. Since using the binabot software during these weeks, this method has proven itself very effective. As binabot trading app is constantly providing new signal alerts, traders never run out of opportune trades to make money with the binabot v2.

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  • Hi Andrew I am wandering if you do a review of as they offer a Demo acount to test but demo is also live as i trade and check my chart i got good result the brokers they have listed are trusted which is good but i want you to help me if its all right and safe i will be the 1st to open an account under your link with so many other friends.

    Nada N - 14 months ago

  • Can you make another manual trading video? I enjoy these

    Victor Lau - 15 months ago

  • Hi Paul, my account is fully verified and the auto trading placed 2 trades for me subsequently. But no trades has been placed ever since (been 2 days). Same thing happen for me with Neo2 (only 1 trades). Any advice to decipher this?
    Thanks in advance

    Michael Le - 15 months ago

  • So I just deposited $250 through my broker Wynn Finance on binabot and the broker screen won't dissapear. Please help me out!!

    Binary Options Crew - 15 months ago

  • Very good. Is this scam can you make a review?

    Yeffry Diaz - 15 months ago

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