Binabot Review – How To Trade SAFELY using BinabotV2 AutoTrader (Results)

- 2016-09-20



In today’s trading sessions with binabot v2, today was a prime example how effecting and resourceful the use of the economic calendar proves to be. Whether you’re using the one provided by binabot or like me who use, these updates can signify safe times for trading with auto traders, but more importantly when to NOT use them. When using autotraders, its best to avoid trading during high impact new releases. With, these scenarios are indicated with 3 bulls. Give the asset enough time before and after high impact news before turn on or off the automated features.
Even though today was somewhat busy and volatile, using the economic calendar prevented me from using the binabot app during crazy market conditions, limiting risks while gaining a nice profits. All on complete autopilot!
Also remember to stop trading whenever you encounter 2-3 trades!

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  • Hi Paul. Thanks for your great videos I find them very resourceful. I need some advice on a couple of things if you don't mind:
    I started with BinabotV2 last week and had the problem of it not trading, I followed all your tips to find that it was my broker not letting it trade...It is now working from yesterday. It has placed 7 trades with only 2 wins (not good) so I have stopped it for now that is how I have come across this video of yours so I will looking at the calendar from now on. One thing I did notice is that your trades are for 60 seconds where as mine were for 5 minutes. Where do you change this? within Binabot or on the trading platform. What time would you recommend?
    Thanks again Paul

    Ross Williamson - 14 months ago

  • Hi Paul . JohnI live in the USA . Can I use binabotv2 . Also can I use insideoptions as my broker since I live in the USA. John

    John O - 15 months ago

  • Hi bro, I'm gonna invest in this platform soon after your watched you up to date review. Wish me luck !
    Many thanks

    Alexander Louis - 15 months ago

  • hi Paul..What Setting do you use on Auto trading?

    abdulrazaq bukhari - 15 months ago

  • Thanks Paul and one more thing i wanna know from you b4 i fund my account is i know the Binabot system is free to use. However, to start trading with it, you’ll be required to fund your account with the minimum investment. This is money that you’re funding your broker account with, not the account of the software developer. Roughly, you can get started with $25.However on the broker site u are required to fund the account with $250, so which is which, what would you advise me to do.
    Moreover i wanna to it on autopilot for it to trade for me for a start to see how it works and i only see the brokers site not the Binabot soft wear or is it that my account has to be verified b4 i can get access to the soft wear again. Can you pls give me a step by step as to how all works b4 i start trading,

    Eric Bawah - 15 months ago

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