BinaBot (BinaDroid 2) Manual Trading Strategy – Moving Average 100% ITM! Thanks Army!!

- 2016-09-20




BinaDroid2 Software is here and it is better than ever! People are saying there is virtually no way to lose with this system. The Agency will not go that far, but we certainly are excited to have found a solid auto trader with the BinaDroid2 Software. There are so few legitimate auto traders available that it is easy to become discouraged. So when a software with promise appears, we double check our homework. Research, beta testing, and consulting with experts is just part of the process we undertake. We know exactly how it feels to be SCAMMED. Today we are thrilled to offer a positive review of BinaDroid2 Software. Let us show you exactly why this trading App is a “must have”.

Let’s start at the beginning. What seems to be the biggest complaint with binary options auto traders? The main problem is their performance and the majority of SCAM Auto Traders generate less than 50% winning rates. Clearly, this is not enough to make money with binary options, but rather, they drain your account balance to zero in very little time. To make money trading, you need ITM percentage of 60% or greater depending on the payout.

The first BinaDroid had only semi automated mode. In other words, you pushed buttons to place trades. BinaDroid2 Software is fully automated, you just turn it on and let it trade for you.
Both BinaDroids offer a manual mode, but the new version (BinaDroid2 Software) actually provides you with trading signals. It’s built in a way that gives the overall direction for a period of time, and there is a trend chart for reference to assist you. You can look at short term of five minute charts, to longer terms of an hour. It is a great resource for the more advanced traders.
So easy to use!!

Now for the most logical yet coolest features to his the binary options industry. A key component to successful trades is knowing the economic calendar and even the most experienced traders, and best auto trading apps can be blind sided if they do not account for NEWS events. A major announcement potentially creates unexpected volatility. Experts always recommend watching economic websites before engaging in any type of trading. There are several free sites you can go to, but it can be a hassle to find one, and maybe you just forget every now and then. No longer is this the case! BinaDroid2 Software offers an economic calendar built in to its software and there will alway be this reminder to help you remember to check the daily news.

Last, but not least, is the most amazing feature to date and this is the single reason why people say BinaDroid2 Software cannot lose. BinaDroid2 Software creators listened to the binary option community. Imagine a computer software that allowed you to choose whether to take the auto traders signals or have all of your trades placed in the opposite direction? So, when a trader applies the Reverse Button the system will do the exact opposite of what it would normally do.

How does this help you? It provides the client with a level of protection yet to be seen in binary options. Any investor knows that if the system starts losing money, he can select the Reverse Button and the losing trades should become winning ones!

C’mon folks, we have all been there. Have you ever said, “I should just do the exact opposite of this scam trader so I can make money!”? Of course you have. Well with BinaDroid2 Software you actually have this option! How cool is that!

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